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Synterein can staff your specialized technology positions. We understand the complex requirements of finding personnel who have the right computing, academic and communication skills.

We match your openings to qualified and experienced personnel. Synterein taps the national labor force looking for the brains and finesse needed for even the most complex job. We understand the need for strong theoretical, quantitative and computing skills and can find the right person to fit your position. We can manage and direct contract staffing personnel to save you time and effort.

Synterein is now teamed with Dave Tomer who brings over two decades of recruiting experience. He has enjoyed success as a recruiter with his own company Tomer Search Group, as well as with the National Recruiters Network. He has built his reputation on performance and professionalism. His success is a result of putting the needs of his clients and candidates first. He follows an ongoing and well-disciplined recruiting process to ensure the highest-level of performance.

If you have a position to fill in defense, finance, data science, or in a cross-disciplinary field, contact us. We can work with you to find the perfect individual to meet your needs.

Synterein has experience with:

  • Placing qualified personnel in technical positions
  • Managing and directing projects and personnel
  • Understanding the specialized requirements
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