About Us/ Frequently asked questions

When was Synterein founded?
November 2001

Is Synterein a public or a private company?
Synterein is a privately-owned US-based company

Where is Synterein located?
Our office is in a restored former mill complex in Maynard, Massachusetts.

How does Synterein communicate or collaborate with our customers?
Synterein encourages our clients to be involved because we value a free exchange of ideas. We work closely with our clients, encouraging the use of all avenues of online collaboration. We can also meet at your location our ours.

Does Synterein take on small projects?
Synterein is committed to innovative ideas and solutions. We have found that a single idea can be grown into a larger program. We are open to collaborating with people interested in tackling the most challenging problems.

Who can I contact for additional information?

Please direct all inquiries to Raymond LeClair:
+1 978 621 5755

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